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Our Aim

We offer a wide-range of techniques and solutions to best suit the needs of your project. Working with the very best equipment and utilising our partner companies, you can be sure of a positive experience tailored for your requirements.

Our Services

Familiar with both land and marine projects while specialising in rail contracts, our company provide fully accredited staff to ensure a quality, efficient workforce and a safe working environment.

Affordable Solutions

We will not be beaten on pricing costs to suit your job requirements. As well as initial planning and design, all aspects of your piling and plant hire needs can be expertly and professionally dealt with to the highest standard.

Why Choose Us?

Because we have been working in the piling and plant industry for many years, we can offer a wide range of techniques that suit your needs.

Rail Projects

Rail projects are one of our main priorities - such as driving tube piles or sheet piles on any rail system. We have experience in using a number of different modern road rail machines together with the Movax attachment to get the piles in to position.

We pride ourselves on having the safe practise and skills to carry out these difficult operations both on or near the line: often on weekend projects including working throughout the night.


Marine Sheet-piling

Floating plant is one of our specialities having had countless jobs around the country on all types of water courses, canals, harbours and beaches. Whether it be bridge repairs, construction sites or waterside properties we will always be available to take on the project in hand.

Having access to all the relevant equipment plus safety awareness to plan and carry out this type of works is essential. McCarthy Piling can provide such knowledge.


Movax Experts

Movax is a brand used worldwide and is well known for being the most innovative tool in the piling industry. McCarthy Piling has built a great rapport with Movax and have field-leading technology such as Side Grip Pile Drivers, Piling Hammers and Piling Drills available to us.

This market-leading association means we can offer fast and flexible piling expertise, with optimised performance and trouble-free operations.



A cofferdam is a watertight enclosure that has been pumped dry to permit construction work to take place below the waterline, used mainly when building bridges or even repairing ships.

A cofferdam is usually installed as a temporary measure while the building work is carried out. If your construction project needs such a structure, then contact us today.


Sheet-piling Specialists

Steel sheet piling is used to retain either soil or water, although the ability to add sheet piling to these areas does depend upon the land it is to be driven into.

Sheet piling is used on my types of sites including the following: seawalls, houses, basements, motorways, foundations and parking structures. Clearly this technique is is used in many areas of construction and our project leading experience could be essential for your works.


Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is usually used to hold back water or earth. There are many types of material that can be used to create the retaining wall such as poured concrete, concrete blocks, treated timbers and rocks or boulders.

We offer all aspects of retaining wall fitting, making sure the retaining walls we are installing are fit for purpose and as safe as possible whilst lasting for a long time.


We will plan our involvement throughout each stage of the build and ensuring effecting liaison with other contractors throughout.


Open dialogue with the customer helps build and maintain relationships. We're always available to advise.


Be assured safety and sustainability receive the highest priority in our site management no matter your budget.

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Please not the services list above is not exhaustive so please contact us for a no obligation discussion on what we can offer.
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Our Promise

Working with the very best equipment and utilising our partner companies, you can be sure of a positive experience tailored perfectly for your project.

Affordable Prices

We ensure all of our service quotations are clear and guarantee the final price we quote is the total price you'll pay. Email our Contracts and Operations Director Andy Clay for more information.